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Atlantic Bikes is a shared mobility brand with a purpose that goes beyond passenger transport. Atlantic Bikes is the first shared mobility company in the Azores that offers Bike Sharing services as a sustainable transport alternative. Our main goal is to transform the Azores and Portugal into a less polluted, less congested place, promoting more sustainable practices and creating a movement for Sustainable Mobility.
Now, with this new website, we are closer to you! You can rent our bicycles, from anywhere, in a safe and comfortable way. Here you can also check the plans and payments, learn how to use our bikes and even clarify your questions through the FAQ’s page.
In order to facilitate the search for our services, a website optimization work was also carried out, using SEO strategies. This work aims to bring better results to search engines, such as Google.
In addition, you can keep up to date with all our news by subscribing to our newsletter, using the form on the website’s homepage.

Discover our 3 services:

  • Atlantic Bikes- We implemented in Ponta Delgada our own bikesharing where we have a fleet of 85 bikes (45 electric models and 40 traditional models)
  • Atlantic Mobility- We offer a global solution where we implement Shared Mobility Systems in Municipalities. We provide a “Turnkey” service that integrates the necessary items for the project to be a social and environmental success.
  • Sustainable Market- We want to have a sustainable online store in order to be part of everyday life, in a transformation towards a sustainable lifestyle.
    You can learn more about each of our services here on the website.

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