A little about us

Atlantic Bikes is a shared mobility brand with a purpose that goes beyond passenger transport. We want to be part of people’s daily lives and we intend to be part of the transformation process towards a more sustainable lifestyle. To travel and in their day-to-day consumption.
We believe that from small acts, big changes in the world arise. That’s why we created the concept “Everyone Can Impact” based on the ideology that the world does not need of big actions, but of a large set of small ones.
We want to be part of the change! And we want to help you change!
Changers & Impacters
One day we will all die! And what’s left? Everything we do has the ultimate goal of creating a positive impact on the world. We work smart with our partners and push ourselves to the limit to deliver impressive results and leave the mark Atlantic mundo.
If you have high expectations for your future and think you can join the team, write to us.
These are the principles that make us do our work every day.


Results in mind

Believes in delivering impressive results. Sweat until you get them


Courage & Transparency

Be brave, risk keeping a cool head. If it doesn’t work, admit it and fight again.