• Pay per use (per minute)
  • Monthly, daily, weekly, annual subscriptions
  • Integration with all types of currencies
  • Payment by Credit Cards,
  • Integrated with Stripe and Braintree
  • Integration with any other payment provider or bank


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  • Locking system
  • Anti-theft alarms
  • Alert notification system
  • Integrated smart or manual locks
  • Integrated anti-fraud algorithm
  • Auto-blocking of suspicious users
  • Data analysis
  • User and tour analysis
  • Integration with third-party analytics


  • Integrated Email System
  • Help in creating the brand
  • Push notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Referral program (give a ride, get a ride)
  • Promotion codes and voucher campaigns
  • Creation of a website with your service

Operators application

  • Add collaborators to BackOffice
  • Intelligent task distribution system
  • Suggestions of locations for vehicle relocation
  • Automate maintenance tasks
  • Automate collection tasks
  • Automate relocation tasks

The app

  • Customize with your brand
  • Customize some parameters
  • Simple user registration
  • Add the languages ​​you want
  • Good UX experience
  • High conversion rates
  • Identification license/driving license verification (optional)
  • Reservation system
  • Real-time fleet data


  • Real-time fleet data and location
  • User management
  • Tour history
  • Virtual parking and parking zones
  • Manage charging stations
  • Establish schedules and prices
  • Add all types of vehicles
  • Manage multiple cities, countries
  • Employee role management
  • Connection and integration with bicycles and scooters


  • Complete vehicle remote control
  • Implementation of several vehicles in a single application (scooters, bicycles, scooters, e-bikes, motorcycles, cars, boats)
  • Integrations with telematics systems
  • Integrations with charging stations
  • Integrations with any vehicle
  • API to build your own systems
  • Operators application to manage vehicles