Customized solutions for any shared system platform
Suitable for any type of vehicle and for any type of city.
You can implement scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, cars, trucks, vans, vans, single wheels, helicopters or even boats. Even any vehicle as long as it fits your city.
Choose the type of vehicle, decide on the operating model, adapt and customize the solution
to your needs. We help you! This is the process. You just have to ask for your demo
so that we can help you. No pressure! Doesn’t mean you choose us!

Step 1

Ask for your demo

Step 2

We analyze which type of Service best suits your needs and those of your city

Step 3

– We define the Operating Model, together with the administrator

Step 4

Creation of a pilot project

Step 5

We provide training on our system

Step 6

Operationally support during implementation

Step 7

Image Creation with Administrator Briefing

Step 8

Mass Launch and Deployment