How does Atlantic Bikes work?

Here we explain what you need to do to ride with Atlantic Bikes.
1. Download the Application
First: Download the Atlantic Bikes app
The application is available for Android and iOS
2. Sign up for the Application
Sign up for the application with all your data. Please enter all data that is requested. Including payment methods, addresses and your ID.
Without this data, you will not be able to activate the service.
After that we will have to validate and verify all your information first! We promise that
it won’t take more than 24 hours (ACTUALLY 99% OF THE CASES WE APPROVED PAST 4
3. Receive the PIN in your email
After validation you will be able to use our bikes! And you will receive an email with your PIN
folks. The PIN will always be the same to unlock the bikes, REMEMBER IT!
4. Choose your Plan
Within the Atlantic Bikes app you can choose the plan that suits you best. We have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly plans. If you don’t want to use the plan, you can use our bicycles and pay for the minutes pedaled.
For more information you can analyze the prices here
5. Choose the Station closest to you
Find the closest bikeshare station to you on the map on our application.
See all our available bikes to start your adventure. See here all Atlantic Bikes stations, spread across Ponta Delgada.
6. Choose your bike
It’s time to choose your bike. Classic and electric bicycles are properly marked.
See all the information regarding the bike and start pedaling with your Atlantic Bikes.

7. Scan the QR Code
After choosing the bike, look for the QR Code on the padlock located on the wheel rear. Zoom in on the Scan window 40 cm away.
After that, put your personal PIN that was sent to your email. (Attention: It’s important to memorize or save this PIN because whenever you unlock a bike you will have to use it) Click “Confirm”.
Will open the padlock and now you can have fun!
8. Pedal at will
It’s time to cycle around the island of São Miguel and Ponta Delgada.
Pedal with complete freedom. Feel healthy, alive and feel the wind in your face. Have fun!
9. End the Session
When you arrive at your destination, store your bike at the nearest station. To find your nearest station look for the virtual Green Points on the application map or physical (These are the stations where you can leave your bikes). If you do not comply, you will pay an extra fee.
Go to the rear wheel and close the lock manually and end your journey. To finish the trip click “Finish” in the application. If you don’t, it’s like you’re always using
the bike (if you don’t do it after the usage time limit you will have to pay an extra fee).
10. Evaluate your trip
At the end of your journey, we will ask you to rate your trip with Atlantic Bikes. Your feedback is very important for us to continue to improve our bike service shared in the Azores.
Do you have any doubts?
You can consult the Frequently Asked Questions.
If your question isn’t answered, do not hesitate to contact us.